You're here. Points. In order to pull off an awesome event, this'll need to be a team effort. We'll help with the logistics, but we're gonna need you to put in some work.


To get started, fill out the form below.  


Once you submit the form below, we'll reach out to the breweries you listed. When we get the okay from the brewery, we'll create a ticketing page for you to share with your friends. Tickets are typically $15-20 per person.

From there, we'll coordinate the supplies and send you a best practice guide for pulling off an amazing event.

When the event is finished, you'll drop off the sandwiches with our non-profit partner.


*bonus points if you have photographer friends to capture the event. 



Why sandwiches?

We learned early on that a lot of shelters are in need of quick and easy handouts for people visiting. Sandwiches haven proven a great way to give back to shelters in need and also reduce their amount spent on these supplies.

Does it cost money?

Yes. Event goers are required to purchase a ticket for $15-20 depending on their location. This costs covers supplies, a beverage, and a small administrative fee.

What if I can't get 10 people to sign up?

In order for us to cover costs, we require hosts to commit to at least 10 sign ups. We implemented this to ensure an impactful event. If you can't hit 10, but would still like to host, send an email to beforehand.

Do I have to pick up the supplies?

This depends on your location. We typically use Walmart pickup and Instacart to get you the supplies. We handle ordering the supplies on our end.

Do hosts have to pay anything?

Depending on the brewery, we might ask you to put the first round of drinks for everyone on your card. You'll then take a photo of the receipt, and we will Venmo you the money right away. This has proven to be the most efficent way of handling this.

How do I know what to do at the event?

Don't fret. We'll send you a detailed PDF as soon as you sign up.

Who coordaintes with the brewery and non-profit?

We handle the planning on our end, but we do like working together. You know your city better than us, so we make sure we're all on the same page.

How does the non-profit get the sandwiches?

Typically, you can drop them off after the event or the next day. We'll let you know based on the non-profit schedule.


Thanks. We'll be in touch real soon.